Pregnancy loss products and services
  Heaven's Gain specializes in providing services and products for families suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Information and resources are available throughout our website.  
Personal one-on-one advocacy is provided by a certified Baby Loss Doula/ Baby Loss Family Advisor. As a part of our ministry, Heaven’s Gain also provides beautiful baby caskets and urns that respect the dignity of the baby with quality workmanship, individual touches, and personalization. Memorial gifts and comforting books are also available.​  
Our baby caskets and urns are personalized to reflect the dignity of the miscarried or stillborn baby at whatever age and to help bring the family to closure and peace.
Our Baby Loss Family AdvisorsR offer non-medical information helping support those suffering pregnancy loss at all stages of pregnancy.
Miscarriage at Home 
Women experiencing miscarriage should be fully informed of what their child may look like at delivery, what they might expect, and how to find their baby.  This section explains this further.

1st Trimester
Baby Caskets​

Stillbirth or Miscarriage
     in a Hospital

2nd Trimester
Baby Caskets​​

We would like to make a few recommendations that we hope will help you as you give birth in the hospital .
Infant Death
Losing a baby is one of the most tragic events of one's life.  Our loss Baby Loss Doulas can advise and advocate for you. Recommendations for memory making is also available in this section. 

3rd Trimester Baby
and Infant Caskets

Fatal Prenatal Diagnosis or Severe Prenatal Diagnosis
Baby Urns
 Discovering that your child may die at birth or shortly afterward is devastating.   Parents should be fully informed and not be rushed into any decisions. This section includes information and helpful links.
Phone Advocacy (with a Family Loss Advisor / Baby Loss Doula)
Memorial Gifts
On our Memorial Gifts page you will find this lovely heart in heart pendant, statues, plaques, Jerusalem stone and other memorial items.
Our certified BabyLoss DoulaR/ Baby Loss Family AdvisorTM is available by phone.  If there is no answer she will return your call. Donna tries to give each client the time they need and will give you that same time and attention.  She hopes to answer all your questions to the best of her ability and to advocate for you.
We do not give medical advice.
Miscarriage Kits
This miscarriage kit is for those who plan to miscarry at home instead  of the hospital.  Click for more details.
In-person Service
(with a Family Loss Advisor / Certified Baby Loss Doula)
We hope to provide the information parents need to make informed decisions that are right for them in order to promote peace and avoid regret.  We provide essential information on pregnancy loss and provide personal certified Family Loss Advisor/Baby Loss Doula services for families who lose a baby at any stage of pregnancy.
Vaults are protectice covers for caskets or urns that are placed in the ground. Some cemeteries require vaults for burial.
Client Comments

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These books are specific to pregnancy and infant loss.  We have books for both adults and children. 
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Why we offer information

Our ministry, Heaven's Gain, recognizes the need for families to receive loving support when suffering the death of a baby at any gestational age.  We serve those families experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, preemie death, or infant death.

Our goal is to support the family in its time of grief, to affirm the dignity of the baby, and to assist in closure for the family. With a Certified Baby Loss Doula on staff, we offer non-medical information that supports those suffering pregnancy loss at all stages of pregnancy.  We also offer appropriate burial products such as baby caskets in a variety of sizes, baby urns,  baby memorial gifts, and miscarriage kits.

Why we sell products

  Burying the dead is a Corporal Act of Mercy.  At Heaven’s Gain, we are called as part of our mission to provide burial products that honor the dignity of the deceased baby at any developmental stage. Our unique line helps bring families closure and peace.
When a family loses a child, no matter the age, it has a unique opportunity to preserve that child’s memory. Heaven’s Gain can provide a dignified, proportional burial vessel that will serve as a beautiful final resting place. The beauty and quality of our products give glory to each little one who, even though small, is treasured and is deserving of great dignity. 
Since 2008
Heaven’s Gain Ministry is determined to provide for the emotional and physical needs of families experiencing pregnancy loss. Every child is precious no matter the length of gestation. Families deserve sensitivity, compassion, and proper preparation. Families are not just losing a hope or a dream. They are losing a child that can never be replaced. Parents need to be cared for in a respectful and supportive environment when saying “Hello” and “Goodbye” to their precious baby. We impart information and instruction to guide parents in making informed decisions that promote peace and avoid regret. Our ministry offers the services of a personal, certified Baby Loss Family Advisor/Baby Loss Doula for families who have lost a baby at any stage. We provide burial baby caskets and baby urns for miscarried or stillborn babies of any gestational age. We hope our information, services, baby caskets, baby urns, and other products will acknowledge and uphold the dignity of each small baby and bring comfort and closure to each grieving mother, father, and family member!