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Our Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide high quality products to families suffering the loss of a miscarried child or early stillbirth.  Our products were developed to allow for handling and burial of a tiny baby consistent with how we handle other losses in our society.

Our Business

This is a home based business.  The items you see are created and stocked in our home.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide personalized items quickly to a family suffering a miscarriage or early stillbirth.

Our Experience

While we have been blessed to bring seven living children into this world, along the way, we have lost three children to miscarriage. Our first two died at 6 and 10 weeks of gestation, and their remains are buried in baby food jars at the head of our gravesites.  We wish there were better options for us in burial of our babies.  Our last loss was at 17 weeks and required us to go through labor at the hospital.  Since our baby should have still been in the water of the womb, we chose to place him in a jar of saline water and his appearance improved dramatically from when he was delivered.  Despite searching diligently for a suitable burial casket, we were not able to find any funeral home or cemetary who would help us find a casket for a baby only 8 inches long.  He was buried in a canning jar that fit into a wooden box we had found.  I sewed linens to make it look like a casket.  We realized there was a real need to provide burial materials for miscarried children, and so we began developing and offering these products.   

Update 2013 
     We are now the parents of eleven children:three in heaven and eight on earth.  Our rainbow baby grew in our hearts.  We adopted our two year old foster child who we had since she was two days old in December of 2011.  She is a blessing to our family. 
    After feeling the call to start our ministry we researched for a year in 2007 and opened our ministry in February of 2008.  We contract skilled wood crafters to make our baby caskets.  We have an assistant, Claire who helps us craft the interior of our caskets and so much more.  Jim makes our urns in our home.  We, Jim and Donna, continue to work as volunteers. 
     After a year of study, Donna is now a Certified Loss Doula to better help serve our clients.   We hope our information on our website is helpful to you.  We are here to answer your questions whether or not you order anything from us.  We hope that our ministry is helpful to you in acknowledging your grief, giving dignity to your baby, and promoting healing. 
Jim and Donna

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