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Common Definitions for Terms Used in this Site 

Miscarriage - The natural end of a pregnancy at a stage where the baby (embryo or fetus) dies at a gestation of prior to 20 weeks.  (Some definitions extend miscarriage until the 27th week.)
Stillbirth - The natural end of a pregnancy at a stage where the baby (fetus) dies at a gestation of 20 weeks or greater.  (Some definitions postpone stillbirth until the 28th week.)
Embryo - An unborn baby prior to 8 weeks after conception.
Fetus - An unborn baby between 8 weeks after conception and  birth.
Amniotic FluidThe fluid surrounding the baby in the womb.
Gestational Age - The age of the baby from the first day of the woman's last menstrual period.  Gestational age is usually greater than conception age by two weeks.
Conception Age - The age of the baby from the date of conception or fertilization.
First Trimester - Conception through 13 weeks of gestation.  
Second Trimester14 weeks through 26 weeks of gestation.
Third Trimester27 weeks through 40 weeks of gestation.
Vault:  a Vault is a protective container in which the casket is place to provide additional protection.
Rainbow Baby:  A baby who is born after the storm of the loss of a baby devastates your life.   That baby is the rainbow after the storm. 

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