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We have found the following links that we believe are packed with helpful information:

Baby Development (Fetal Development)

4-D Ultrasound Pictures

Baby in the Womb

"I'll hold you in Heaven" by Stacy Noll


Miscarriage Prayer and Prayer for Parents


Honored Babies

Babies Remembered

Other Resources

Catholic Miscarriage Support

Catholic Pregnancy Loss Support (based in Atlanta)

Do's and Don'ts on What to Say

First Breath


Perinatal Loss And Infant Loss Alliance

National Share

Perinatal Hospice

Sufficient Grace Ministries

Pregnancy Loss

Grief Watch

Missing Grace

Heavenly Angels In Need

Drying up Breast Milk

Faces of Loss Faces of Hope

Cincinnati Support Faces of Loss Faces of Hope

Heaven Born

Wintergreen Press (books)

Be not Afraid / Poor Pre-natal Diagnosis

Stillbirth - American Pregnancy Association

Stillbirth Support Group

Miscarriage - American Pregnancy Association

Miscarriage- General Info

First Candle

Isaiah's Promise / Fatal or Poor pre-natal Diagnosis

Vivian's Victory

Angel Gowns


Other Experiences

Baby Dekar

Miscarriage Forum

Comfort Cub weighted teddy bear

Alica Renee Foundation


"I Can Only Imagine"

"Held" by Natalie Grant

"With Hope" by Steve Curtic Chapman

"Homesick" by MercyMe (wait through the commercial)

"Fly" by Celine Dion

"Blessings" by Laura Story

"See You in Heaven"

"Gone too soon" by Daughtry

"Our babies pray for us in heaven.  They cannot understand our saddness and we cannot understand their joy."  mamamurf


I'm extremely thankful for your website. God knew what He was doing when he helped me cross your path. I have been on your website for 5 days straight. Thank you for providing so much information I would have otherwise not known. With your help I have been able to go through the grieving process better. I had learned what to expect and how to save and cherish my baby. When I found out last week that my baby had died, I was so angry and upset. And having it still inside me was at times unbearable. Mainly because I didn't know when I was going to have him and what it was going to be like. But last night as I laid in bed and was talking with my husband, I was very thankful I had the past week to gain knowledge and understanding of the situation. I was very thankful that I knew how to catch my baby with a strainer and how to preserve him for a while longer. I was so thankful that I've had the opportunities to hold him and take pictures of him. This is an experience that is certainly a life transforming experience and I'm so blessed.



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