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Our babies are in heaven

Our babies are in heaven

Our babies are in heaven

Our babies are in heaven


   These stone gifts are made of authentic Jerusalem Stone quarried in the hills of the Holy Land.
     Jerusalem Stone is a stone material found in the areas between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, and between Galilee and Haifa.  The stone is limestone that resembles marble, but is not technically a marble stone.  It is the same stone of which the holy sites of Jerusalem ( City of Jerusalem, King Solomon"s Temple, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, ect) are constructed.  Holy Land Stone Company LLC of Melbourne, FL is the creator of the Jerusalem Stone line of inspirational gifts.

Heaven's Gain Ministries

Memorial Items

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Baby Sleeping in Angel's Wings
 Resin/Stone Mix Statue


This beautiful resin-stone mix figurine resembles our heavensgain logo.  It is a lovely statue of a baby sleeping in angel wings.  This staue comes in gray tones not, in the pink and white like our logo.  The statue is about 15 inches long, 7 inches high and 7 inches deep.  .         


This item may be shipped separately and may take 7 business days to arrive. 

Angel Embracing Memorial Stone


This figure of an angel embracing a stone on which a  verse reads, " Unseen and unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, and so very dear."  This resin stone mix figurine stands 11.25"H 9.5"W 5.25"D


Small Baby Sleeping in
 Wings- Indoor Memorial 




This figuring has a baby sleeping in wings.  The inscription on the wings verse reads, "Heavenly Angels sent from above, As I wait for my family, Wrap me in love." This figurine stands 8.25" (L) and 4.5 inches (H) and 4.5 inches deep  and is made of a resin-stone mix.        


Twin Statue
With Nameplate


This resin-stone mix statue shows twin babies snuggled under the comfort of angels wings. 
6" W x 4" D x 9½" H. 2 lbs.


Baby Names:

Angel Comforting Jesus
Indoor Statue


This is a 7" figuring of a angel comforting Christ" serves as a reminder of the need comforting in a time of loss.  This is made of a REsin/stone mix and is 7 inches high 6.25 inches wide and 5.75 inches deep.                               $36      

Baby in Wings
LED Illuminating  statue


This LED baby in wings figuring lights up for comfort in the darkness.  It is lighted with (1) blue LED light
Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included).  The convenient on/off switch is on bottom.
Dimensions: 5.5"H x 6.25"W x 3.25"D
Material: acrylic


Baby in Wings Statue
Mounted Including Nameplate


 The "Baby in Wings" statue has the inscription "Heavenly Angels sent from above, keep me from harm, wrap me in love".
This figurine size is approximately 4.5" x 4.5" x 8" 
and is made of a resin-stone mix.

Baby Name:



Two beautiful handcrafted ceramic hearts in one. When separated, the tiny inner heart can be placed with the loved one who has died as a reminder of their unbroken connection to those who remain behind. They can also be tied together to form a necklace of love around the loved one. The outer heart is kept by the bereaved and can be worn on a necklace, acknowledging their grief. One heart can be placed in the casket and another kept as a beautiful remembrance.


 Baby Innocence
 Artist Replica



The Baby Innocence fetal model is an exquisitely crafted creation from world famous doll designer Yolanda Bello. Yolanda's heart is truly with the unborn children of the world. Her design shows the beauty and dignity of a baby so small yet so precious.   Baby Innocence is a reminder for us to pray for the safety of the unborn. The baby size is 12 Weeks since conception.

Skin Color

Triple Cross


This Jerusalem stone cross is chiseled into three connecting crosses.  One could break off one of the smaller crosses to leave in a small casket for a baby and keeping the larger cross as a memorial.  This stone is from Jerusalem, the Holy Land. Size 2.5 inches.            


Star of David


This Star of David has a removable inner star and was cut from a stone originally in Jerusalam.  One piece can be placed in the casket of the deceased and the other to keep as a remembrance of one's loved one.   This is a lovely gift for a Jewish family who has lost a loved one.
Size is just inder 2 inches.   


Bereavement Cross


This 4" polished bereavement cross was cut from a stone originally in Jerusalam, has the saying " Rest in peace dear child, with the arms of Jesus as your cradle". .   This is a lovely gift for any who has lost a baby.

Size- just inder 2 inches.  



The Comfort Cross


The Comfort Cross (ashes to ashes...stone to stone)--our 4" Jerusalem Stone chiseled cross sliced into two crosses and tied with a piece of leather--comes in a velvet gift bag with certificate of authenticity and product description. One piece to place in the casket of the deceased and the other to keep as a remembrance of one's loved one.

The Comfort Cross™This Jerusalem Stone cross has been cut into two pieces; one as a gift to you as a symbol of the love and faith that connects us. The other I will keep—just as I will always keep you close to my heart.  As the cross symbolizes eternal life that was given to us through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, this particular cross is also meant to remind you that you are safe forever in God’s care.  May this cross that was quarried in the very hills of Jerusalem where Jesus walked bring you comfort and may your faith in our loving Father bring you peace.

Size 4"(H) x 2.3"(w) x0.4"(d)               


In My Hands Plaque
With Baby's Footprints


This Jerusalem stone plague reads, "In my hands but for a moment, in my heart forever."  It has little foot prints next to the wording and can have a blue or pink ribbon.   Size approx 2" x 3".


In My Hands Plaque
With Baby Handprint


 This Jerusalem stone plague reads, "In my hands but for a moment, in my heart forever."  It has a little hand print next to the wording and can have a blue or pink ribbon.   Size approx 2" x 3". 



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