Thank you very much for the beautiful wooden casket. The casket was top quality and the interior and blanket were perfect. Its a nice change from some of the plastic caskets that are made, and its small enough to easily fit above a family members vault at the cemetery. I also appreciate the fast service. I called on New Years Day, you answered the phone right away, and I had the casket in 2 days by express mail. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

Bryan Givner
Paradis Funeral Home
Oxford, Massachusetts

When I first saw your display in Boston at the National Funeral Directors Association meeting in the fall of 2009, I realized you had something that could benefit my funeral home. As time moves on and a stillborn situation happens, I am sure parents with this type of loss will find your stillborn caskets very helpful. They are perfect for what they are intended to be used for.


Norman E. Hall, Davis Funeral Home

When my casket arrived I was so pleased. It was more beautiful than I could imagine. The pictures do not do the caskets justice. The pretty little purple flowers on the inside were just the touches I needed. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and preparation.     Miracle      IMM Church

Heaven's Gain's caskets have been very useful in my preemie burials.  I would not hesitate to use them again.  
Jerry Rodgers
Inn & Rogers Funeral Home

Hi Donna,
     Thank you so much for everything.  We received our shipment yesterday and it is beautiful.
The love and compassion I felt from you, perfect strangers, is God working through you and I am so grateful.  You truly touched my heart.  This is obviously so much more than a business to you and it shows. I am so sorry you ever had to endure the pains of a miscarriage but this has to be one of the ways God pulls the good out of our sufferings.  Thank you so much, you are a blessing. May He continue to bless you and fill you with His Grace.
Stay warm!

My recent miscarriage (summer 2009) is when I had real evidence of a pregnancy and needed the baby casket that you provided me.  I don't know what I would have done without your help!  I truly believe God led you to your ministry and me to you.  There is no doubt in my mind about that.  While it's not easy following God's plan, you have to know that you are helping others "mourn and heal" in the best way.  Thank you for being open to God's will!  My baby Samuel thanks you, too!  You will be in our prayers!


I got the casket first thing monday  morning it took me a wile before i opend it but once i did it was just perfect. i want to thank you for everything you have done for me i cant say thanks enough

Hi Donna,
Thank you for responding so quickly to my inquiry. I want to thank you for
your compassion over my loss.I am so glad I came across your website. I
decided to cremate the remains of my lost baby.
I believe you said this is your heart's ministry.
Thank you for serving God in this capacity and helping me through my loss.
best regards, mirna

God bless your family for what you do. I have passed your website on to everyone I have talked about this with and actually the funeral home was very impressed with the urn that you make. I wrapped my baby in one of my blankets to be cremated in and am using the other one to wrap my baby in to go into the urn. Without this closure my life would be hard to move forward to and with that I have to thank you and your company.  Kim

I received the urn and the note today. How lovely it was to not feel like just a placed order.

We received the box and it is beautiful. The cremation home was just floored about how beautiful the box and statue was. I gave her your website and they can’t wait to look. 

Heaven's Gain Ministries

Client Comments

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What Others Have Said


"My son was only 14 weeks gestation and no matter where we went there was no casket that small. I was going to buy a wooden box but then I searched the Internet and found HeavensGain. I wrote to them about purchasing a small casket from them (they had EXACTLY what I needed). In no time at all they sent out a small casket for my precious son. It was so beautiful yet so sad at the same time. They were so kind to me and didn't even seemed to be worried about payment. They took care of my son(who we named Brandon Dewayne)and I will always be thankful for that. They are a truly caring and compassionate business." Sharon B.

"The casket is beautiful. The funeral director was impressed. Thank you for your thoughtfulness."  Mike

I'm extremely thankful for your website.  God knew what He was doing when he helped me cross your path.  I have been on your website for 5 days straight.  Thank you for providing so much information I would have otherwise not known.  With your help I have been able to go through the grieving process better.  I had learned what to expect and how to save and cherish my baby.  When I found out last week that my baby had died, I was so angry and upset.  And having it still inside me was at times unbearable.  Mainly because I didn't know when I was going to have him and what it was going to be like.  But last night as I laid in bed and was talking with my husband, I was very thankful I had the past week to gain knowledge and understanding of the situation.  I was very thankful that I knew how to catch my baby with a strainer and how to preserve him for a while longer.  I was so thankful that I've had the opportunities to hold him and take pictures of him.  This is an experience that is certainly a life transforming experience and I'm so blessed. 



"On the Heaven's Gain website, I went to the Contact Page and e-mailed and asked if someone could call me as soon as possible. Five minutes after I sent my e-mail, I got a call. This could not be an easy ministry to run but I am grateful for providing these affordable little caskets. If I had not found your website it would have been so hard to do what is right for our baby's body.  I am so glad that finding the casket was easy, I had no energy to focus on looking for one for hours. You are a gift from God to families that have to go through the pain of loosing a baby through miscarriage. Thank you for your ministry, you provided us with so much relief during the hardest day of my life."                     Karen

"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today and to answer some questions we had. You were amazingly kind, and we were so pleased to talk with someone who was genuinely concerned! We have not have many experiences like that lately. Thank you.
Your website and your products are so wonderful--you are doing such a great thing. I pray the Lord would guide every person in this situation to your site.
Thanks again (so much)."

"I am amazed and thankful that you have created this ministry, although it is too late for us.  One of the most distressing things about losing our baby in 2005 was that they would not let us retain "the tissue"(my baby! not tissue!) and our baby was biopsied and "disposed of" in some unknown manner at the hospital. It haunts me to this day and will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.  Thank you for your work, I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing.

On behalf of my wife, Jill, our six children and myself, I want to thank you for your concern, prayers, and, most of all, your ministry. All have helped us understand and cope with the passing of our baby.
Your ministry was extremely valuable to us. It helped give us a way to explain that we see every life as a gift from God. It helped us to express that gift of love and to give Lauren and all children the respect each life deserves.
We will keep your website handy for all of those who have the unfortunate experience of going through this frequent yet unforgotten experience. Know that you and your ministry are in our prayers. We have already begun to share it with all we can. 
May God Bless and Keep You and Your Family. 


Dear Donna,
Thank you for your kind words! The casket arrived today, in perfect condition, and it is so beautiful!  I can't begin to thank you enough for offering the service that you do. It is exactly what I was looking for. I was 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant when I lost the baby.  These little caskets that you offer... Oh, they help so very much! Thank you and may God bless you and your family.  I'm quite certain that no amount of time will ever fully heal the loss of our children, no matter what gestational age.


Dear Donna,
  I received the casket; it is beautiful.  Thank you so much.  It will really help me to get through this knowing I am putting Morgan to rest in her tiny beautiful casket.  I think this experience has made  me much stronger in my pro life stance; praise God because I have had some unfortunate experiences with my doctors lately.  For example, my doctor stated I basically should not waste my money burying my baby because, after all it may just be "tissue".  Needless to say I am looking for another doctor.  My baby died in utero at six weeks and one day.  My doctor won't give me a fetal death certificate so I can bury Morgan in a cemetary because she says "how can she be sure it was a fetus and not tissue".  I guess I will have to do a home burial.  Your prayers would be much appreciated.

I received Ava's urn this morning, it is beautiful. Thank you for making this an easy transaction and for being so thoughtful regarding the name plate. Its comforting to know there are others that understand what I am feeling, although I wish no one had to endure such heartache. 

I purchased a twin angels urn now from you last month. Let me just say, it is perfect!! I recently returned to my job at a restaurant and today there was a meeting for women in our banquet room. I over heard them talking about a woman who just lost a child. My first reaction was that I needed a hug....after that, my second instinct was to share your website with them. You have so many helpful links on your website and so many great keepsakes and what not. The service you offer has allowed me to give testament to someone else and to share the great service you provide. Thank you for what you do!!  Naomi

Thank you again so much. Having someone like you that understands what exactly I'm going through makes this easier to have no idea how helpful and supportive you've been for me today. thank you!  Stacy

More Client Comments
Losing a child at any age of a pregnancy is a difficult thing. Losing our son at 21 weeks was a nightmare. Without Donna and Heavens Gain I don't know how we would have gotten through it. Not only do they have great products but they knew what we were going through because of their personal experiences. The funeral home we used had nothing small enough for him because he was only 15oz and 9 inches long. We ordered a wood  Casket and it was beautiful. Everyone commented how much it looked like a grown-up casket only smaller. I appreciate all your help and would recommend Heavens Gain to anyone experiencing a loss.     Kim

Our family wants to send you a big "Thank You!" for your help in the quick shipping of the casket and especially for the kindness you showed us and for providing the other kind notes and informational material. The casket/vault combo was perfect! We could not have been happier! Also, the Saline/Distilled Water guidance proved to be very helpful as well. Your ministry is so very special to folks like us in our time of need. We are letting our midwives know and anyone else about what you do because it really helps to fill a void and eases the planning that goes with such a tragic loss. We will have to wait until Heaven to hold her but we are thankful that the Lord has given us some answers at least.
We pray blessings on you as you continue your ministry. It doesn't make things all better, but it does provide a certain peace and closure as a family lays their precious child to rest.
Thank you again,
Tim and Yolanda

" We did receive the casket.  It is more perfect than we had imagined it.  Your website does not do justice to your amazing ministry."  William

Thank you for all of your help and support throughout our difficult ordeal. I miscarried my triplets at 13 1/2 weeks. I was so thankful that I stumbled upon this website since I knew we wanted to bury the remains of our 2 boys and girl. After our sudden loss, we didn't know what to do or what our options really were. All we knew was that we wanted to have our babies laid to rest somewhere so we would know where their remains would be and we could have a place to visit them. I can't say enough about how much my husband and I appreciated all of the assistance, along with the immediate information & support that Heaven's Gain & Donna Murphy gave to us. It was such a blessing during such a dismal time. We purchased the walnut casket and when it arrived, we both commented on how beautiful it was (much more so than the urns which were all that the funeral homes seemed to have available). It gave us a sense of closure and peace of mind knowing that our babies would be laid to rest together in their beautiful casket. Thank you again for all your help. I learned so much from this website and would recommend Heaven's Gain to anyone I cross paths with who may have to deal with such a difficult and painful loss.

Hi Donna,
We had the mass and burial for Genesis on Friday. Everything was perfect. Under the circumstances, unfortunate as they are, we couldn't have been happier with the items you provided. The remains did fit perfectly in the bottle. After saying a rosary for Genesis, Ed and I wrapped the light teal green rosary around the bottle cover. Everything looked warm and sweet. I had gotten a dozen white roses for the church and to put on the casket at the cemetery. Lovely addition. 
Thank you so much for your help at this difficult time. I don't know what we would have done w/ out you. We most certainly will tell others about your website should they suffer events such as this in their lives. May God Bless you and your family.
Barbara and Ed

 I wanted to call you from the funeral last Friday.  My grandson was layed to rest in the most beautiful casket anyone had seen.  (Including the funeral director).  You will never know the peace you gave his parents and his family.  Thank you doesn't seem adequate.  Not for all the love and prayers that I felt during the week from you; a woman I don't even know.  I've shared your story with so many people; and it is only GOD that could have brought you into my life when I needed you most.  I am forever greatful to Him for all he has done. 

Mary Ellen

Dear Donna,
I am so sorry it has taken so long for me to reply back. I went through some really tough days and had some very strong emotions. Many days I struggled to just get through, especially when my husband went back to work. It was hard to do my usual things like take my son to school, cook, etc. I didn't feel like doing much and haven't spent much time online. The casket arrived very quickly and was perfect. It took me a few more days to be ready to bury our baby. Doing so really helped though. It brought a sense of closure and peace that I really needed. I will always love and miss the sweet baby we lost. The days have slowly started to return to normal and I notice that there seem, for the most part, to be more good days than not so good ones. I am so thankful to have found your ministry. I didn't know who to ask the questions I had, questions no one wants to have to think about. You gave me advice, suggestions, and kindness during the most difficult time of my life. Your products gave me a way to respect and honor my baby. Thank you for your time, thoughts and prayers. May God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Donna was a tremendous help to us when we went through the horrible experience of miscarrying our baby at 15 weeks.  The tiny casket was exactly what we needed for the funeral, but more than the product itself, Donna's counsel and advice over the phone was a great encouragement and help to us.  We highly recommended Heavens Gain to anyone facing a difficult loss like we did."
John T.



I wanted to let you know -we received Makayla and Marissa's urn this afternoon. It's beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions and for always returning our emails so promptly . Also, last but not least, thank you for your heartfelt prayers. They are much appreciated. Your kind note brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Jen

I had to write and thank you for what you are doing.  It is never easy to loose a baby, but you have helped me know how I can deal with my sweet boy's tiny, frail body.  I am so grateful to have gotten to see him when I miscarried at 10 1/2 weeks - so grateful - but I was entirely at a loss what to do with his tiny frame.  I could not conceive of anything less than a burial, but had no idea how to go about it.  An old shoe box under the tree in the yard, while fine for a canary, seemed so inappropriate for my son. You have helped me to understand what I can do to take the next step in healing and helping my other children find peace and closure.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  God bless you!


You help so many and so much, I just want to thank you again for helping me and my daughter a couple of years ago when she (my daughter) lost her third baby.   The casket you provided was beautiful, the engraved nameplate was just breath taking, your ministering to my daughter and myself and your service during that time was heaven sent! You are doing a mighty work for God. You will never be forgotten. Thanks again.

God's Abundant Blessings Always,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful urn you made for our is everything we expected and more.  It is very comforting to us to know what a beautiful resting place he has because of you.  God bless you for what you do.

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