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Helping Others

Helping other grieving families by buying caskets and donating them to a local hospital, clinic, or doctors office

Over the years, many people have asked us how they can help in our ministry to help others who have lost a baby. This buy-it -forward page is your opportunity to help families who experience baby loss. You can buy products and have them sent to a hospital for a family who loses a baby in the future.

We can put a card inside saying, " This casket was donated in honor of " baby name". When you donate, we will provide the ground shipping for free. Please write the name and address of the hospital you would like us to send a casket or urn in the comment area at check out.

You may be able to have the hospital send you a tax deductible form for your donation of a casket(s). Thanks for considering this giving opportunity.

You can also donate money to Skylers's Gift Foundation at the link below.

In need of financial help:
After giving away many caskets to many families, we realized that some people were taking advantage of our generosity.    We pay others to make the casket and urn boxes before we or our staff craft the interiors.  Since we are volunteers and we try to keep costs to a minimum we would have to pay for the caskets that we donated out of our own family's budget.  This became a problem.  So we have partnered with Skyler's Gift Foundation and Star Legacy Foundation.  They determine if someone is really in financial need and then offer assistance.  We partner with them to help them help those in need as best as we can.   There information can be found in the next two paragraphs.  Please contact them for assistance with your baby's casket, urn, funeral, and burial.  We are always available for consultation whether or not we provide your familiy a casket or urn.  You can contact us  at heavensgain@heavensgain.com .

For those experiencing financial difficulty with burial, funeral, or cremation of your baby please contact Skyler's Gift Foundation.  They can be reached at

Star Legacy Foundation is another organization that families experiencing miscarriage and stillbirth with caskets and burial costs. http://starlegacyfoundation.org/

We do have some urns and caskets that have some imperfections that we can provide at a reduced cost.  Some caskets and urns may have a scratch, or a dent, or are unstained, or are an unusual size prototype.   We can send a picture before you decide.  Contact us if you would be interested in one of our imperfect products. heavensgain@heavensgain.com

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